the week is loosening its grip!

This very strange week has definitely seen it's peek (and on "hump day" thank God!). I am currently winding down after a night of dinner with the parents to some Cold War Kids and a glass of Zinfandel from the California trip.

This is my very cluttered desk. I love it. I spend more time here than I do sleeping.

I don't have any wine glasses in my dorm room, so I resorted to my darling coffee mug. It has a terrible problem with dripping, but I find it quite fascinating, especially with the lipstick mark.

Thank you, Redemption Zinfandel, for loosening me up during such a stressful week.

I need nights of solitude with wine more often.


Tori said...

mmm let's have another wine/chilling around the house night very very soon...because well, we haven't really seen eachother/caught up in so very long.

Mark Samuel Monroe said...

yums. wine is delicious.

Emmadime said...

Is it bad that it's 10am and I could totally go for a glass, haha!

Hi to you too Katie!
..seems like we have much in common :)