"let's raise the vibration; let's return to the present; let's open once more to the soaring, ascending energies..."

wow. how the years have flown like my heart's song in the wind... returning for to unwind.

I wrote a poem or two since I last posted. here's one called Namaste:

universal language~
one verse communicating
a vortex of perspective
unity ringing, echoing
in All hearts beating
      Harmonious rhythms
    of Oneness.
Sat Nam.
Holy frequencies obtained
with simple intention if you
can focus... long enough...

are you listening? because GOD is not in your smart phone.

fools search
and preach
while the sage tunes in to that ancient energy that is closer
to you than you realize...

Real eyes see real lies.

Thank you. I'm Sorry. I love you.

P.S. Yogi tea bag tags today read: "May your inner self be secure and happy." & "There is nothing more precious than the self." AHO!