another late night

I was finished with my classes for the day at 11:50 (as I normally am on MWF), and was in desperate need for a nap, but couldn't seem to fall asleep until 4PM. Consequently, I slept until 7 or so. I didn't get around to starting homework until after 10. I've gotten into a terrible habit of this.

So, here I am -- procrastinating yet again. I have a paper to write, but I can't make myself do it just yet. I'd rather blog about not doing it (and needing to). I know James must be tired of hearing about it. :]

Oh! It's just so difficult to bounce back after such a fun weekend. I went to Jonesboro on Friday. We played poker all night and woke up on Saturday to go to Memphis for the day! We got sushi and went to the zoo, which was fascinating. Unfortunately, I didn't feel like hauling my huge camera around in my bag all day, but James and I did stop in for a little photobooth session (at a whopping $5)!

In other news, I should be moving into my house on Friday. I can't think of a better way to spend my Spring Break: spending time on my first home. I'm more than excited.


Katie said...

That was my schedule in college too...class, nap, start homework really late, go to bed even later.

pancake said...

how do you make you hair this light wavy? :) looks cool.