utensil decorum

Ever since my parents have gotten more serious about getting my house, I've had my mind geared towards interior design ideas. I'm constantly searching for inspiration from blogs, antique shops, and some online stores.

I was shopping on Anthropologie today and found some very intriguing utensil decor.

Exhibit A: The "Eat, Drink, and Be Merry" Chandelier
I love this. I'm sure it was handmade, which explains the price tag, but I think I may like to try to do this myself. I find it wonderfully unique.

Exhibit B: Flatware Wallpaper

I think I have to get this. I simply love the idea (but not the price).

Exhibit C: Antique Spoon Hook

This is a must, but it will most certainly be a DIY. It would be so simple - too simple not to do.


Mark Samuel Monroe said...

Katy, when i was in Rio, the hotel's restaurant had utensil decorations too. The wall was covered in spoons to make like a hanging painting, even in dinner plants. it was so cool - i wish i had taken pictures of it.

CosmicGoddess said...

hi, i'm hannah! i've actually seen that utensil decoration as a lamp in a craft book, shows you how to make it. the books called: The Big-Ass Book of Crafts. i totally recommend it for this kind of thing! good luck if you decide to make it :)

Tori said...

i love this all!