it's been quite some time!

Well, Spring Break has been ever so consuming. I moved into my house on Saturday and every action since has been related to just that. It's been exhausting, but certainly worth it. I love the way the house is coming together and my roommate is wonderful as well. I can't wait until we're completely finished and have our housewarming party!

I really have nothing to post other than this update.
I will leave you with the aftermath of move-in day:
I unwound.


another late night

I was finished with my classes for the day at 11:50 (as I normally am on MWF), and was in desperate need for a nap, but couldn't seem to fall asleep until 4PM. Consequently, I slept until 7 or so. I didn't get around to starting homework until after 10. I've gotten into a terrible habit of this.

So, here I am -- procrastinating yet again. I have a paper to write, but I can't make myself do it just yet. I'd rather blog about not doing it (and needing to). I know James must be tired of hearing about it. :]

Oh! It's just so difficult to bounce back after such a fun weekend. I went to Jonesboro on Friday. We played poker all night and woke up on Saturday to go to Memphis for the day! We got sushi and went to the zoo, which was fascinating. Unfortunately, I didn't feel like hauling my huge camera around in my bag all day, but James and I did stop in for a little photobooth session (at a whopping $5)!

In other news, I should be moving into my house on Friday. I can't think of a better way to spend my Spring Break: spending time on my first home. I'm more than excited.


home decor galore!

I now do more design inspiration searching than homework. It's a problem, but I'm sure I'll tone it down once I begin to move into my house... and that will hopefully be by the end of next week! AHHH!

These are just a few of many images I've saved over the course of my exploration.


utensil decorum

Ever since my parents have gotten more serious about getting my house, I've had my mind geared towards interior design ideas. I'm constantly searching for inspiration from blogs, antique shops, and some online stores.

I was shopping on Anthropologie today and found some very intriguing utensil decor.

Exhibit A: The "Eat, Drink, and Be Merry" Chandelier
I love this. I'm sure it was handmade, which explains the price tag, but I think I may like to try to do this myself. I find it wonderfully unique.

Exhibit B: Flatware Wallpaper

I think I have to get this. I simply love the idea (but not the price).

Exhibit C: Antique Spoon Hook

This is a must, but it will most certainly be a DIY. It would be so simple - too simple not to do.


bona drag means "nice outfit"

Beautiful things I long for from Bona Drag:

If I could afford this talon ring, I would buy it right this very minute - even to James' demise. He always complains about my big rings because it's difficult to hold my hand... or it hurts. (Yeah right!)

"Hug Me Tight" necklace - it was inspired by a men's suit, which explains its name. $198, though... I think I may attempt a DIY with this one.

Oh, the Sophomore cutout dress... I've loved this ever since Knight Cat mentioned it.

Oh, how I wish it were still cold outside. This wonderful reversible coat is only $70 right now! I may have to just go for it.

I must admit, I have a minor case of the Mondays.
I hope everyone else is having a great day, though!


the week is loosening its grip!

This very strange week has definitely seen it's peek (and on "hump day" thank God!). I am currently winding down after a night of dinner with the parents to some Cold War Kids and a glass of Zinfandel from the California trip.

This is my very cluttered desk. I love it. I spend more time here than I do sleeping.

I don't have any wine glasses in my dorm room, so I resorted to my darling coffee mug. It has a terrible problem with dripping, but I find it quite fascinating, especially with the lipstick mark.

Thank you, Redemption Zinfandel, for loosening me up during such a stressful week.

I need nights of solitude with wine more often.


i feel the weight of the world

My life is ridiculously hectic right now. I've just finished packing up all of my belongings (that aren't in my dorm room) to be put in a storage facility until we get the house in Conway. I had a few breakdowns over the course of the day. It's very difficult having to accept the fact that I won't have a home to escape to for a while. That's the whole reason I went to school only 30 minutes away -- so I could come back whenever I need to. It's going to be so, so different now that my mom is moving to Fort Smith (which is two hours away... and not home at all).

I'm coming back into town this weekend 1) to meet James' sisters/brother-in-law/baby niece (and I am incredibly anxious to do so!) and 2) to celebrate with Marly for her birthday weekend (though it's actually Thursday, but I won't be able to see her that day, so we're extending it). The downside is that I'll have to sleep on an air mattress in the empty house. It's going to be quite sad. At least I can somewhat enjoy the house until the renters take possession in a week.

On top of all of this, I have a HUGE paper to write, some other busy work for both my writing and reporting classes, as well as three 18"x24" drawings to finish ALL by tonight. I think I may have to pull an all-nighter. I'm not at all looking forward to it. It's not exactly what I need to follow such a stressful day. This has honestly been the most stressful day of a life (as James would say).

I'm just thankful that God is giving me the strength to get through it all. I truly am.

On a lighter note, my stuff from Urban is in! The jeans are superrr tight and the shirt is a little cheaper looking than I anticipated, but other than that, I love it all!

Phew! Well, I hope everyone else is having a spectacular day! I will leave you with a picture of my beloved house that I hope to occupy in 2-3 weeks: