so much to say...

... yet most is not at all worth blogging about. I would simply end up ranting, and that just seems inappropriate to me. However, God has blessed me with many wonderful people and opportunities that are certainly worth mentioning!

1. This weekend I will be going through my endless amount of clothing, as well as my mom's, and figuring out what should be taken to my aunt's new consignment store in the Fayetteville area. She called my mom asking if we had anything because she needs a lot of inventory. Since I'm doing the work for my mom, she's allowing me to keep the money made from her clothes. That means I get half of whatever my aunt sells our things for. I know it will add up quite a bit, and I really could use the money right now. OH! The rest that's not consignment store qualified will be donated to Vintage Nxt's Cotton Plant project.
2. My mom and her fiancé asked me to design a seal for their LLC this weekend -- and they'll pay me for it. Hello?! $$$$$
3. I missed my drawing class on tuesday due to the terrible weather, but my professor, when giving evaluations for our work, told me a) that I could bring the piece I haven't turned in on Tues for full credit and b) that my work is amazing and he's excited to work with me. WHAT?! I was expecting a full critique because I thought what I had already turned in could use some work. Nevertheless, I was ecstatic.
4. I have a wonderful boy waiting for me in Little Rock. Why am I blogging? I need to pack.

COOL SHOES IS TONIGHT! Needless to say, I will be "getting my groove on."

P.S. It's marly and I when we were little! :]



I've been a little consumed with the Brazilian designers' lookbooks from their most recent fashion week (the one I've already posted a few pictures from). I've found a few more designers worth blogging about.

The following are from Animale's collection.
I love the shape that Animale creates with these looks. It flows yet it still flatters perfectly. I particularly love the material choices, the sweaters (one very similar to Alexander Wang's new sweater), as well as the metal toed ankle boots (which they also have in black, though I didn't care for the looks paired with them).

The next few are from Colcci's collection.
I didn't find the collection as a whole to be that great or practical (but what complete lines really ever are?). I did love the heels, though -- TOO much. The first look is wonderful. I love the sweater (as well as the model wearing it -- she's a sweetheart). I found the pairing of the puffy coat with the bathing suit quite interesting... I do love the black onesie, though. I'd sport it in the summer! Also, the black fringe jackets is perfection.

Hello, AmapĂ´!
First of all, I've been avoiding busy patterns for a while now, but if I got my hands on the second look, I'd wear it out. I love the white fringe boots and the beige & black ankle boots are to die for! I find the sequin attempt to be very interesting. If a guy ever tries pull this off, I fully commend him! The first look reminds me of a very glamourous Bob Dylan. :] I do love the guy's boots, though. They're, for lack of a better word, fabulous. Oh! And those hats! They are amazing. I need one.

Last but not least, we have Cori.
Oh, dear... I hope I dress similar to this when I'm a huge advertising executive. I love how elegant and business-esque the whole line is -- and the occasional pops of color! Brilliant.


cloning, cameras, & balls - oh my!

I've just finished reading two passages for my writing class that were both about cloning. It's definitely interesting stuff. I haven't looked enough into the matter, but I'm now intrigued enough to do some work on my own. However, the work my professor has asked of us was quite honestly too extensive and I'm refusing to do it. We are supposed to pre-read (ask questions regarding the subject matter that we know before we start to read), close-read (make notes, annotations, etc.), and post-read (paraphrase and summarize both with parenthetical citations). The intention is to start interesting discussion in class, however I feel that the amount of work suggested would not be worth the effort without a grade. I know I'll be fine with discussion in class simply because I've done debate and I know how to make ideas without having to write essays beforehand. Perhaps the method will be great for those who cannot do this. I just know it would be a waste of my time.

The time I'm saving from not doing this, however, will be devoted to my first project in my drawing class. It is Drawing I, so it's very basic, but I've never taken a classical drawing class. I've allowed myself to become too abstract. Anyway, the assignment is to contrast light and dark with objects (still life, of course) using charcoal. I've always loved charcoal, so the practice assignments were a lot of fun for me. I got too ballsy, though, last class. I attempted to draw a skull on 18" x 24" 80 lb. paper. That was dumb. They're ridiculously complex. The endeavor was far too much for me. I'm determined to draw a skull well one day, but it will definitely take an immense amount of practice. I'm resorting to a decorative arrangement that I have in my dorm: a white bowl with two vintage cameras and nasty decorative balls. :]

I like the composition -- and it's definitely me. Here we go!



So, I kind of forgot about this, but I was asked through Lookbook if I'd like to be featured on a Brazilian magazine's website. I was thrilled, of course, so here's a snapshot of my feature.

It's in Portuguese, but if you'd like to see it, anyway, click here and scroll to the left.

Also, the woman who asked me to do this sent me an email with links to a few designers' lookbooks from Sao Paulo's Fashion Week. I absolutely loved the Temporada 2009 collection by Huis Clos. These four looks are definitely my favorites:
Oh, the black, chains, leather, and gloves... Ideal chic.


i need this.

When I first saw this bike all I could think was, "Hello. You're mine." It's Abici's Granturismo Donna model. I photoshopped the basket in because I love it as well. Taylor got her bike stolen over the break because she's lazy and didn't feel like locking it up properly. I'm going to give her mine once I get a new one. If it's not this particular bike for the time being, then I swear I will it this one someday -- basket included.


oh, the weather...

I've just returned to my dorm from my first French class. I'm more than excited about it simply because I'm determined to speak the language fluently before I graduate. I left feeling Parisian; the cold weather, my huge scarf, and my cigarette (all of which is complete normalcy) only enhanced the feeling.

I plan to sit at my laptop listening to Yann Tiersen (feeling the cold breeze from my open window all the while) until my last class at 11:00. Afterwards, I'm heading home to see my favorites. I have a feeling that today is going to be great -- an ideal precursor to a splendid weekend.

Thank you, MLK Jr, for "having a dream" because it's going to give my weekend one extra day. Okay, that sounded terrible, but my intention was to be sincere. I promise.

Have a great weekend, everyone! :]


when late nights become early mornings

Well, guess who's finally back in Conway? I've missed being here a lot more than I thought I would. I've only been back for a few hours, but I'm already getting a whiff of the new semester. I'm more than excited about my classes! My other major has finally been scheduled and I'll be able to do some artwork again. I can't believe it's been so long since I've done an art piece. I simply hope that it doesn't take too long for me to get back into it. I'm sure I'm ridiculously rusty. Aghh.

The past few days have been very productive. I'm proud of myself really. I've had a huge iTunes cleansing that's included updating, decongesting, filling in of albums, organization, etc. I'm not even close to being finished. I'm only at the end of the A's now and I've been going at it for two days. I'm not quite sure how much I'll actually be able to do to it after classes start, though.

Hmm... I think I'll go thrifting/antiquing tomorrow. It sounds like a good idea. I haven't completely hit that scene of Conway yet. Hopefully it'll be another productive day (and by "tomorrow" I actually mean "today" because it is most certainly 4:00 AM).


I have decided to begin reading more. I enjoy it way too much not to do so and it's more productive than watching too many episodes of Sex and the City on repeat. Also, I have a wonderful boy who has decided to pursue a pseudo book club with me, which is going to be amazingly motivating. We're starting out with Surprised by Joy by C.S. Lewis, which I've actually been reading off and on for about three years now. That's how bad it's gotten! I have certainly read many books over the course of the three years; I've just never been able to bring myself to finish it. Perhaps my life will find a deeper meaning at this time than it would have in the past.

Well, I suppose that's all for now! I've got to start updating more.


such a long time

Upon coming home, I've had very little time for the internet let alone blogging. So many things have happened in the past week... It's become a whole new year; I'm now the only one out of my four best friends who has a license (due to bad luck on New Year's); the bipolar weather is completely confusing my wardrobe mentality; I'm single...

The changes are quite overwhelming really, but I'm doing what I can. I had a great day with my best friends today despite the fact that I'm practically a chauffeur, but I don't mind. Things are finally reverting back to the way they were -- back when we were all so happy. I'm really anxious to see what the future will hold for all of us.

I'll be updating with some pictures from today. I haven't the time to upload them at the moment, but I definitely will be doing so very soon. I apologize for not updating my last post with the promised pictures, but I my dad never scanned them.

Regardless, Happy New Year, everyone! It's 2009, already? Wow.

P.S. I promised. Here they are: