UO purchases

I was in desperate need for some new jeans.
$70 high-waisted Cheap Monday skinnies

And because both items were on sale...
$9.99 white fringe tank

$6.99 black circle-frame sunglasses

I couldn't resist. I can't wait for them to come in!


Tori said...

are you kidding me, lady?
"desperate need," you have so many clothes!

good deal on the top, though!

Katy said...

girl! i only wear two pairs of my jeans and the zipper is broken on one pair. i was desperate... and still am. :]

James Lepine said...

i'm with tori :)

Katy said...

both of you love clothes as well, so i can't fully take either seriously when it comes to this!

Mark Samuel Monroe said...


that was the word verification.

Daysha said...

hah, i have that top and those sunglasses, as well.