sixth folder; sixth photo.

So, Tori tagged me in this very creative little thing called "6th folder, 6th photo" where you post a picture from the sixth photo in your sixth picture folder and blog about it.

I'm so glad that this was the picture simply because it's just so me. I found it online when looking for inspiring images. Most who know me well are definitely aware of the fact that I love lions. The lion is my animal. It fully symbolizes my personality (aside from the fact that I'm a dead-on typical leo). The wall decal is wonderful! I love the the pattern and the colors. And, of course, I love, love, love children. This picture just reminds me of what I hope to have one day: beautiful children running around and neat lion related things in my home (not to mention clean walls and hardwood floors as well). The image may just be pretty cute to some, but it fully encompasses what I aspire my life to result in, which, in short, is a happy household filled with love.


Mark Samuel Monroe said...

i like this picture as well, i remember when you were using it to mess around on your computer with.

Tori said...

aw, i love this.

pamela said...

this is lovely. I like everything about it.