oh... i want that.

So, I went to Sonoma County, California this past weekend with my mom, her fiancé, his daughter & her husband, and, of course, my lovely Valentine. It was absolutely wonderful -- even though it was raining all weekend. How in the world is it still ridiculously beautiful there regardless the weather? I ask that, but I'm actually quite happy it's that way or else the trip would have been a little miserable.

I would bore you with details, but instead I'll share a few pretty pictures.

morning of Valentine's Day

Hello, adorable boy! (at Flying Goat Coffee in Healdsburg)

"the swing of a life"

I hope to have a swing like this one day.

He is amazing.

I plan to edit this post. I'm still a little jet-lagged (or perhaps I'm using that as an excuse because I may always be pretty tired). I need to work on my sleeping schedule (and caffeine intake at that). Yes, I do.


Mark Samuel Monroe said...

did we come up with this title separately?
if so, that is just creepy.

italian fashion holiday. said...

these are the loveliest photos!