it's finals week. i have a lot of studying to do. luckily i only have four exams: one on tuesday at 2, two on wednesday at 8 and 2, and one on thursday at 8. after that, it's house away! i'll be packing in between studying and taking my finals. i'm more than happy to sacrifice the time, though.

tonight i'm spending quality time with my amazing best friend, marly.

this is us back in the 10th grade when we first became best friends. how cute and nasty... :]

and this is us now...

i love her too much.

we're watching all of these really old videos i have on my old computer. we were so weird. i have to post some even though she's been putting them on facebook. seriously... what in the world were we thinking? honestly, though, nothing has changed. :]

here's an oldie:

and here's one from March:

i just don't understand. neither of us do. enjoy nonetheless.


Lauren said...

haha! those videos made me laugh so much! you guys are so funny.

x x x

Tori said...

you guys look so young in that first one, ahh!

love you crazy ladies.