Joyeux Noël; Frohe Weihnachten; Buon Natale; Feliz Navidad!

Well, Merry Christmas! I'm still in Georgia at my father's house. Spending Christmas Day here is always quite interesting. We open presents ridiculously early because the two children (my 12-year-old brother and stepsister) always wake up at 6AM. Today was very different, though; they woke me up around 8AM and we watched The Grinch until the parents finally came out of their room. Also, the presents were less magnificent than usual. I'm not referring to mine (because my Christmas's have been practically indistinguishable for years now) -- I'm talking about the kids' presents. They normally have countless new toys that they gawk over for a few following weeks, but this year is totally different; they got clothing, practical electronics (digital cameras and cell phones), and money. I know they're twelve (and I definitely stopped receiving toys as gifts way before then), but it's just strange to have to accept that realization. Not only this, though, but my dad decided to pull out old pictures of the family before breakfast. I forgot how adorable my brother was before he became the obnoxious little tyrant that he is. I have a few pictures to post actually, but I'll have to do it at a later date.


Tori said...

we haven't spoke in ages.
ages i tell you, ages!

Marly Feliciano said...

I need to work on this present thing.