santa, baby...

I'm currently in the process of making a Christmas Wishlist for my family (mainly my mom). Here are just a few special items that I felt it necessary to blog about:

I am dying for these beautiful Christian Louboutin's. They're on eBay, so my mom may go for them. Here's to hoping!

All of the following is from Urban Outfitters.

That's all I have time for at the moment. I've got to study for Media & Society.

P.S. The house deal fell through. Looks like I'll be staying in the dorms after all.


Tori said...

haha girl it's just preference!

nick's mom & i were looking at an UO magazine & she loved the blackish gray boot-like heels that you have on here(5th from the bottom.)
she was like "TORI I LOVE THESE, you gotta see them. You're probably gonna think they are so ugly, but i like ugly things sometimes!"
& i was like no, those are FLY!

i freaking loooove the dark brown ones.

let's chill soon, okay?

Mark Monroe said...

expensive christmas list?
haha of course not.

cute things.