i just need to rave a little...

1. the offer on the house was accepted! we should have it in two weeks. i'm so excited!
2. i stayed up all night working on a paper that i thought i wasn't going to get to turn in because i was late to class, but she accepted it!
3. i met with my advisor this morning and scheduled my classes. i declared my other major and my advisor said that i was incredibly smart for being both a print journalism and graphic design major. they will compliment each other and i won't have to worry about staying in school longer. on top of that, i'll have an advantage over simply graphic design majors because of the journalism aspect. i'll more than likely have a job before i graduate with my undergrad.
4. a few minutes ago, taylor said, "i just touched a pig in my pocket and it made me happy."

today has been a splendid day.
now it will be shit on by the yearbook deadline tonight.


Tori said...

aww hell yeah!

Nathan said...

glad to hear things are going swell. you have to tell me more about this house thing soon - I don't know exactly what is going on, but it seems exciting. I need to call you or something.

Mark Monroe said...

yeah! house, hopefully my scholarship will cover the next semester.

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Tori's mom here stopping by to say, HI!!

cody said...

hey babys breath.

how bout that new house eeh?

...can't wait to see it.

maybe you'll get lucky and it will have a secret passageway dating back to the underground railroad.

...that's my hope for your life.

MOLLY GRAY said...

your blog is so lovely.