so much to say...

... yet most is not at all worth blogging about. I would simply end up ranting, and that just seems inappropriate to me. However, God has blessed me with many wonderful people and opportunities that are certainly worth mentioning!

1. This weekend I will be going through my endless amount of clothing, as well as my mom's, and figuring out what should be taken to my aunt's new consignment store in the Fayetteville area. She called my mom asking if we had anything because she needs a lot of inventory. Since I'm doing the work for my mom, she's allowing me to keep the money made from her clothes. That means I get half of whatever my aunt sells our things for. I know it will add up quite a bit, and I really could use the money right now. OH! The rest that's not consignment store qualified will be donated to Vintage Nxt's Cotton Plant project.
2. My mom and her fiancé asked me to design a seal for their LLC this weekend -- and they'll pay me for it. Hello?! $$$$$
3. I missed my drawing class on tuesday due to the terrible weather, but my professor, when giving evaluations for our work, told me a) that I could bring the piece I haven't turned in on Tues for full credit and b) that my work is amazing and he's excited to work with me. WHAT?! I was expecting a full critique because I thought what I had already turned in could use some work. Nevertheless, I was ecstatic.
4. I have a wonderful boy waiting for me in Little Rock. Why am I blogging? I need to pack.

COOL SHOES IS TONIGHT! Needless to say, I will be "getting my groove on."

P.S. It's marly and I when we were little! :]

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Mark Samuel Monroe said...

haha, the picture is the best part.
See you tonight GURL.