I've been a little consumed with the Brazilian designers' lookbooks from their most recent fashion week (the one I've already posted a few pictures from). I've found a few more designers worth blogging about.

The following are from Animale's collection.
I love the shape that Animale creates with these looks. It flows yet it still flatters perfectly. I particularly love the material choices, the sweaters (one very similar to Alexander Wang's new sweater), as well as the metal toed ankle boots (which they also have in black, though I didn't care for the looks paired with them).

The next few are from Colcci's collection.
I didn't find the collection as a whole to be that great or practical (but what complete lines really ever are?). I did love the heels, though -- TOO much. The first look is wonderful. I love the sweater (as well as the model wearing it -- she's a sweetheart). I found the pairing of the puffy coat with the bathing suit quite interesting... I do love the black onesie, though. I'd sport it in the summer! Also, the black fringe jackets is perfection.

Hello, AmapĂ´!
First of all, I've been avoiding busy patterns for a while now, but if I got my hands on the second look, I'd wear it out. I love the white fringe boots and the beige & black ankle boots are to die for! I find the sequin attempt to be very interesting. If a guy ever tries pull this off, I fully commend him! The first look reminds me of a very glamourous Bob Dylan. :] I do love the guy's boots, though. They're, for lack of a better word, fabulous. Oh! And those hats! They are amazing. I need one.

Last but not least, we have Cori.
Oh, dear... I hope I dress similar to this when I'm a huge advertising executive. I love how elegant and business-esque the whole line is -- and the occasional pops of color! Brilliant.

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Emmadime said...

So this is how I got here....
I was bored in design class so I got on facebook, a saw Jimmy's picture so I clicked on it - I met him this past semester while he was at OSU - then I saw that you guys were an item so I clicked on you - THEN i saw how creative you seemed and decided to check out your blog... and here I am!

Love you more,more,more! post!
I got distracted by fashion week and all the looks last night... I love the beige and black boots in the Amapo look!

so hello and love the blog