cloning, cameras, & balls - oh my!

I've just finished reading two passages for my writing class that were both about cloning. It's definitely interesting stuff. I haven't looked enough into the matter, but I'm now intrigued enough to do some work on my own. However, the work my professor has asked of us was quite honestly too extensive and I'm refusing to do it. We are supposed to pre-read (ask questions regarding the subject matter that we know before we start to read), close-read (make notes, annotations, etc.), and post-read (paraphrase and summarize both with parenthetical citations). The intention is to start interesting discussion in class, however I feel that the amount of work suggested would not be worth the effort without a grade. I know I'll be fine with discussion in class simply because I've done debate and I know how to make ideas without having to write essays beforehand. Perhaps the method will be great for those who cannot do this. I just know it would be a waste of my time.

The time I'm saving from not doing this, however, will be devoted to my first project in my drawing class. It is Drawing I, so it's very basic, but I've never taken a classical drawing class. I've allowed myself to become too abstract. Anyway, the assignment is to contrast light and dark with objects (still life, of course) using charcoal. I've always loved charcoal, so the practice assignments were a lot of fun for me. I got too ballsy, though, last class. I attempted to draw a skull on 18" x 24" 80 lb. paper. That was dumb. They're ridiculously complex. The endeavor was far too much for me. I'm determined to draw a skull well one day, but it will definitely take an immense amount of practice. I'm resorting to a decorative arrangement that I have in my dorm: a white bowl with two vintage cameras and nasty decorative balls. :]

I like the composition -- and it's definitely me. Here we go!


Tori said...

who do you have for drawing?
sounds like Burchett! But, i'm not sure! :)

well, we still haven't hung out in awhile!

Tori said...

well i'm staying over at Nick's tonight in case i get iced in...since i'd rather be iced in here than anywhere else!
: )
but tomorrow is a possibility! hopefully we won't have class...i'm thinking chances are we won't...i mean, i'm praying we won't.