peace beneath the city

So, Cool Shoes was Friday. It has gotten a lot more popular since it's earlier days. There were probably 300 people there at one point. It was a little ridiculous actually. If you were dancing, it was extremely difficult to move. There were a lot of people just standing around or bumping and grinding into you. It was very frustrating. We only stayed an hour and a half, but it was nonetheless amazingly wonderful. I got to see a lot of people that I love and have missed.

Other than that, I had a very relaxing weekend (for myself as planned).

I have a full night of studying and other work ahead of me. I'm so reluctant to begin. I am looking forward to Thanksgiving break, though! I just hate that we're only out Wed-Fri rather than the whole week.

In other good news, my mom and her fiance are coming to look at the house we've been wanting on Wednesday. I really hope that we get it soon. I don't think I will be able to handle living on campus that much longer!


Mark Monroe said...

yesh, i must say - cool shoes was a bore.

Tori said...

shawn said they counted exactly 300 people!
i'm excited for Nick 'cause that brought him a lot of hype from music people around LR. : )

I am SO excited you guys are most likely going to be a BLOCK AWAY! maybe we will finally go on all those bike rides we planned, haha!