giving thanks vs. turkey

The title of this post is completely irrelevant to it's contents other than the fact that i am drawing nearer and nearer to Thanksgiving break. I am more than ready for time away from school and the much needed time spent with family (and friends, too).

The only thing keeping me from going home right this minute is a test in College Algebra at 2:40. I loathe the class, but luckily I understand the material this time. I'm hoping for at least a B... or a C. It will probably be the latter. My teacher is honestly the WORST.

So, I had a HUGE scare today. I thought that my wallet (with my student I.D., my driver's license, my key to my dorm, and my debit card in it) fell out of my purse in the cafeteria. I had to wait for Taylor to get out of class, so I could check the dorm. I had already told my mom and everything, but it luckily had gotten into my notebook somehow when it was in my bag. GOD. More than anything, I just can't believe how relaxed my mom was about it. She just said, "It's okay! It happens to everyone. We can take care of it. Just don't let it stress you out and distract you from your test!" You would think that the child would be more apathetic and the parent would be the unnerved, but once you get older, things change, I suppose! All that matters now is that I got it back. I am so incredibly relieved.

Now I have to go take that fucking test. AGH!

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Mark Monroe said...

you call me nasty when you eat paper and loose things?

i would disagree.
oh, btw - i replace my little error. k? thanks.
i'm so glad to have a boyfriend and a best friend who are walking, talking spelling bee panel members.