my bedroom

I haven't posted much about my house since I moved in, so I decided that I'd share some pictures of my room in honor of it being almost finished.

dresser, vinyl, books, me, etc.

ahh... natural light.

this is "the cloud."

bought a new lampshade yesterday!

Bastet snuck in the picture :]

my most recent addition: a rolling space for hanging clothes (my closet is tiny).

I hope to finish more in the house. Perhaps I will have more picture up soon! I'm off to OKC for the weekend with my parents. It should be very relaxing. Have a great weekend everyone!


Emmadime said...

Looks great.
I have plastic ones from Walmart...
much needed extra space :)

Katie said...

It looks lovely!

Sarah Stevo said...

so fly

live2laugh said...

legit. i love this room.
especially "the cloud" :)

Starr said...

your room is so beautiful and dreamy. I can never seem to pull my rooms together this well, this shall be my new goal! Thanks for the inspiration.

meena meena said...

its SO beautiful, i love pretty bedrooms like this. your vanity + the hanging hats are my favorites.