long time, no update

So, many, many things have occurred since my last post:

1. I went to Bonnaroo - got to see some of my favorite musicians ever!
2. I visited Nashville for the first time (and stayed with Daysha, of course!).
3. I've decided that after I graduate, if not after the next two semesters, I'm definitely moving to Nashville. I'm convinced that it's where I need to be for a while.
4. I enjoyed a couple of days at home and met some lovely neighbors.
5. I went to Mountain Home with J and Caleb. We went out on the lake with my family and I met some of their really great friends.

A lot is changing. It's difficult to remember to update my life to the rest of the world.


Eduardo said...

Wow,all this and no pictures?
please updated your facebook and blog
Good month you have.

Daysha said...

Favorite post ever. You know why. :)
Nashville is calling your name.