Summer has arrived and so has my longing for lovely playsuits.
Drool over these with me.

Premium Hareem Jumpsuit, $160

Jumpsuit by Boutique, $160

Floral Corset Playsuit, $100

One Shoulder Playsuit, $80

How depressing. Luckily, I will have money soon AND my birthday is coming up. Thank the Lord.

playsuits via Topshop

P.S. Bastet returned, ran away again, and was captured after a long chase. She is grounded now.


caleb f. said...

you would look cute in any and all of these. :]

me and j are going to give you the best birthday present everrrr, by the way.

Emmadime said...

so happy your kitten is back!

gb said...

love the floral!

la said...

Ahh ! I plan on getting that one shoulder playsuit in pink ! I fell in love when I found it last week. Great choice <3

sarah said...

ugh i miss topshop sooooo much.