topshop dresses

I haven't been into dresses much lately. The winter weather could be to blame, [I have to pause here to note that a bird just flew into my window... How odd!] or it could be the fact that I haven't liked many dresses I've come across in quite a while. Whatever the reason, I'm having minor withdrawals. I found a few on Topshop that I'm completely in love with.

Silk Jersey Dress, $80

Totem Vest Dress, $44

Candy Stripe Strapless Dress, $100

Zip Back Casual Dress, $70

I need money.


Katie said...

topshop just opened in new york. i'm going.

Emmadime said...

Candy Stripe is my favorite out of all of them :) I went to New York like 2 weeks ago and the Topshop in Soho was just opening. There was a line around the corner to get in... Sadly, we decided not to go in! I think I might be regretting that decision now haha...

pamella said...

I really love these.
lol, money is always a good thing.

meena meena said...

OH MY GOD that striped dress is prime.